Processing your Reservation.

Working hours are
Current response time is now within 8 hours after request is received.


What's Next?

Assigning a Specialist to Your Kind of Request
You inquiry/request will be quickly reviewed by a Customer Service Manager who will then assign an experienced Travel Consultant to assist you.

The First Contact
Once the Travel Consultant is assigned, he/she will start working on your reservation immediately.  You will probably receive an email greeting you at

The Quote
Your Travel Consultant will send you a quote for your comments and approval.  Normally there are a couple of questions on the suggestions we make, which are quickly sorted out by phone or emails.  

The Payment
A credit card authorization form is sent to you to be filled out and faxed back to us. It works as our authorization to charge your credit card.

Reservation Processing
We will process your reservation and  send you the confirmation for all items, charging your credit card separately for airfare and land.

Travel Documents
Your travel documents are sent to you by mail,  or e-mail, if electronic.

Come Get a Brazilian Coffee With Us
Once in Brazil, if Rio is on your itinerary, we invite you for a coffee at our main office. The expert who handle your reservation will probably be there, and very happy to greet you in person.


Your Order
Corcovado, Half Day, Seat in Bus Basis with Guide Assisted
Duration 4 hours Quantity Tour Date: Click Here to Pick up the date